Need To Know A Lot More Concerning About Living space ideas

Following are some ideas to spark some inspiration on remodeling your basement:

Exercise Room

Because they are located underground, most basements are naturally cooler than the rest of the house, even without the aid of an air conditioning unit. The cooler air in the basement makes it an ideal place to put in a workout room. The cool air will be more comfortable during and after a workout, and the large open spaces within a basement makes it easy to spread out and have more than enough space to workout without needing to move furniture or risk injury. Additionally, the large amount of open space makes it easy to install workout equipment such as treadmills. Click here to learn more.

Wine Cellar

The lower natural temperature of most basements also makes them an ideal place to install a wine cellar. Wine cellars require cooler air and higher humidity than the rest of your house; two conditions that occur naturally in basements. Because basements are on a separate floor, it is easier to install the additional climate control that might be needed to preserve and protect wine collections. The location of a basement wine cellar also makes it an ideal spot for large wine collections and heavy shelves since you do not have to worry about the weight on the floor, and the open floor plans of most basements make it an ideal place to not only install a wine cellar, but a tasting room as well.

Game Room

A basement is also an ideal place to install a game room. The underground location of a basement means heavy game equipment such as arcade machines, pool tables, and poker tables can be installed without having to worry about the strain of the weight against the floor. The underground atmosphere of a basement also makes it easy to create a masculine gaming room with an excellent ambiance through the addition of dark colored furniture. Basements make terrific man caves that are perfect for hosting sports parties or just hanging out.

Home Theater

The same natural shadow that makes basements an ideal choice for a game room also makes them a good fit for a home theater. The darker atmosphere can reduce the glare on televisions and make for a true theater experience. The separation from the rest of the home makes it easy to sound proof the basement, allowing for the installation of sound systems that won’t disturb the rest of the house.


The natural privacy and large open area of a remodeled basement also makes it a perfect location for a bar. Basements are ideal places to install large bars in a number of different styles without worrying about their size or weight. Often basements are large enough to accommodate a bar and plenty of places to sit, relax, and have a drink with friends. Basement bars make perfect spaces for entertaining guests, combining the privacy of the home with the fun and casual atmosphere of a comfortable, well-kept bar. While the hosts mix drinks behind the bar, guests can relax and unwind on matching bar stools or couches.


In addition to fun extra rooms, a remodeled basement can also be used for practical purposes. By adding a basement bathroom, the value of a house can be significantly increased, and adding a basement bathroom can be a less expensive and easier alternative to installing one on a higher floor. The plumbing for a new bathroom in the basement can be connected to the plumbing that already exists in your home, which costs less and is easier than running new plumbing to a higher floor, especially if the basement bathroom is installed directly below an existing bathroom. An additional bathroom in the basement may also increase the value of the home and set it apart from other homes in the neighborhood that might have fewer bathrooms.

Living Area

Basements can also serve as excellent places to put in an extra living space or bedroom. A remodeled basement can be transformed into an extra bedroom for guests that will be staying overnight, family members who are moving in, or college students returning home from school. A basement can afford extra privacy and with the right imagination and planning be transformed into a separate suite or living space.

The unique location and natural attributes of a basement make it an ideal place to put in any number of new rooms and living spaces. Depending on the space available, a once underutilized space can be transformed into an enjoyable space that will fit your lifestyle.