A Guide To Building Materials

An explanation of why you should put down the power tools and pick up the hand tools in your next boat-building experience. Have a look at about it to get more info on this.

Power tools are almost always used in boat construction, and there is no getting around that because the plans force you to use them. Exceptions from these plans will almost always result in difficulties down the road. Boat construction with hand tools can be achieved without major variations only if you are a professional boat builder who knows exactly what you’re doing, which most of you amateur enthusiasts don’t. If you want to build a boat with only hand tools, you’ll need to order designs that are explicitly built to be used with only hand tools. Be mindful that this style of woodworking project will enable you to learn and master a skill set that is very different than what you are accustomed to, but it will also be very fulfilling if you are a true boat maker.

To start, there are some drawbacks to using power tools.

When you use machine tools instead of hand tools to build a boat, whether it’s a sailing boat, fishing boat, canoe, or even a little dinghy, you’ll still spend more money on the project. You might believe that the majority of the additional expense is due to the purchase of electrical power tools. This is usually just half of the cost; the other half is spent on upkeep and repairs. If you are a skilled tradesman or otherwise have any experience fixing electrical goods, this normally unexpected expense can be considerably reduced.

Another downside is the question of health and safety, which is overlooked by the majority of novice woodworkers. Many of you haven’t had a serious power tool injury, so you may be able to dismiss this, but not everyone is or may ever be suited to use high-performance power tools like those used to cut wood for a boat’s hull. They can go months or even years without an accident or injury, but one moment of inattention is all it takes for them to realise they had never started woodworking or boat building in the first place.

Why use only hand tools in a boat-building project?

Hand tools have been used to build anything from warships to mansions for decades since electricity was found. Since our circular saws and automatic sanders can do the job even quicker and with a fraction of the effort, the skills and procedures used to successfully wield hand tools such as a chisel or hand saw are increasingly being forgotten. Hand instruments, on the other hand, improve our touch with the wood we’re working on because any difference in the grain is sensed and heard more clearly.

Another explanation is basic economics: constructing a boat with your wooden toolbox full of hand tools would be much less expensive than using power tools for the reasons mentioned previously. However, you should keep in mind that the project can take much longer, particularly if you are still learning how to use your newly acquired high-quality hand tools.

In my view, the best way to learn the craft of boat building using hand tools is to begin with a basic project like building a small wooden dinghy. You can get boat plans from the nearest hardware store or even from a dedicated online retailer.