You Must Learn About Your Home Septic System!

An overflowing septic tank is one of the worst maintenance nightmares that any homeowner can face. If the issue occurs inside the home, at the tank, or in the drain area, it is an unsanitary mess that necessitates professional cleaning, followed by any required septic system repairs to prevent it from occurring again.Have a look at Chattanooga Septic for more info on this.

The majority of these incidents occur when owners may not understand how a sewage treatment plan functions and accidentally do stuff incorrectly, such as placing the wrong things down it or failing to understand what maintenance is needed. Anyone who owns a home or building that is serviced by such waste water treatment should understand how it works and how to keep it in good working order.

Find the System

The first phase in comprehending the operation of a septic system is determining its location. The tank, septic pump, drain field lines, and drain field itself must all be clearly defined. This can be accomplished by locating a map of the property that shows the home, its outlying buildings, and all aspects of the waste water treatment plan. If it is an effluent dispersal system, all lines, the storage box, the lagoon, and the pumps must be located.

Getting this knowledge makes it easier to inspect the drain field on a regular basis to ensure that there are no drainage issues. It also denotes places on a property that should not be built on, dug into, or driven over because doing so might harm anything hidden beneath the soil.

Examine the Tank

To keep the tank in good condition and the entire system running smoothly, it is critical to understand the tank’s construction, capacity, and the last time it was pumped out. The approximate state of the tank should also be noted; if owners are unable to ascertain such detail, a licenced septic truck operator should be consulted. Check the condition of the manhole cover and that it is correctly seated; ensure that the effluent screen is cleaned each time the tank is pumped.


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