Wood Plantation Shutters – Get the Benefits

Wood Plantation Shutters are made of thick horizontal wooden slats and a vertical wooden handle that allows the shutters to be opened and closed quickly. Wood plantation shutters have many advantages for homeowners. If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit Southern Custom Shutters (Pittsburgh) – Pittsburgh faux wood blinds


Safety is paramount.

Wood plantation shutters, or shutters of any kind, provide enhanced protection for your house. The majority of shutters allow homeowners to lock them from the inside, increasing protection. You’ll have a nice cosy feeling knowing that there’s more than a small single sheet of glass between you and the bad guys.

Costs of Energy

Rising energy prices have been a nightmare for the last decade, and there is no indication that they will go down any time soon. Our faltering economy is creating a double whammy in terms of energy savings: less money in our pockets and more money out. Simply installing wood plantation shutters on the outside of your home will help you save money on heating and cooling costs.

Heat transfers very well through glass, particularly because it is so thin. External shutters on your home form a dense barrier of non-heat-conducting material between the scorching heat outside and the peaceful expensive cool air inside. In the winter, the exact opposite is true, so you can enjoy similar benefits. Shutters keep the heat in and the cold air out of your house.

Physical appearance

Wood plantation shutters are aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior. You will increase the value of your home by improving its curb appeal. Wood Plantation shutters are an excellent investment for reasons other than protection and energy savings.