Marijuana Dispensary- A Pot-Lover’s paradise?

A Clinic is a mini-site, usually attached to a main teaching facility such as a medical school, university, nursing care facility, or technical college. Clinics are sometimes set-up inside existing buildings that house other businesses. Most clinics are solely medical facilities; however, there are clinics designed to serve people of any age, sex, or ethnicity. A clinic is a modern, fully equipped facility designed to serve its patients with medical services, including diagnosis and therapy; and/or medical and dental care and/or assistance.Visit The Dispensary NV Recreational Marijuana Las Vegas – Decatur, Las Vegas for more details.

The sale and distribution of medical marijuana in the United States remain illegal under federal law, but the fourteen states (at least five of which regulate medical marijuana sales) that permit medical marijuana sales on a voter initiative basis. Although the majority of U.S. residents live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana, eight states prohibit the cultivation, production, possession, or sale of medical marijuana. Dispensaries have popped up throughout the country, often attracting older, inexperienced, and wealthy clients. Some Dispensaries are franchise operations; others are privately owned. Dispensaries can be found in every state; and although marijuana use and sales are largely unprotected on the black market, drug trafficking and related crimes continue to be a significant social, economic, and legal issue in many jurisdictions.

As marijuana use and sales continue to be debated and discussed at the national level, it is unclear what impact, if any, dispensaries will have on the black market trade. At the state level, however, marijuana dispensaries are seeing an influx of business as legalization moves forward in more states. In Denver alone, there are currently six marijuana stores and six infused beverage shops. Business leaders and city hall have embraced this trend, which is sure to continue to grow as other cities and municipalities consider legalized marijuana for their own medical cannabis dispensary initiatives.

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