Insulate your home to keep it warm and comfortable

Unlike your high school science teacher, I will make every effort to keep you all engaged during this brief lesson.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change phases, such as from gas to liquid, and be transferred from one mass to another, as has been determined. This is also known as the Law of Energy Conservation (if you want to get fancy). CheckĀ

Heat, also known as thermal energy, is a type of energy. Simply put, thermal energy is a portion of an object’s total potential energy that results in overall temperature. The system as a whole acquires or loses heat as masses change phases.

When it comes to temperature, heat wants to flow from one object, or mass, to another in order to maintain a constant temperature. We all know that when you fill your tub with hot and cold water, the water will be lukewarm rather than hot or cold. Conduction causes the water to reach a consistent temperature.

What is the definition of conduction?

It’s a good thing I did my homework because I wasn’t paying attention in any of my science classes.

The most common method of heat transfer is conduction. When conduction is involved, heat is always transferred from one warmer mass to the colder mass. Temperature uniformity is often desirable.

In terms of your HVAC system, good home insulation can ensure that a desired temperature is preserved and no heat is lost or acquired. When heat is lost or gained, your system consumes more energy than it should to keep you warm and comfortable in your own home.

What Is Insulation and How Does It Work?
It’s time to learn about heat transfer in terms of your heating and/or air conditioning system now that we all know that heat transfers from warmer to cooler temperatures until there is no longer a temperature difference.

During the winter, your HVAC system works to keep you safe. So that there is no temperature difference, the heat maintained inside your home needs to go outside. The heating system absorbs the heat that your home lacks in the winter. The heat from the outside attempts to find its way into your cool home during the summer. Your air conditioning system removes the heat that enters your home from the outside. Your HVAC system works to keep you comfortable, but heat is obnoxious and threatens to ruin your mood.