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Paint manufacturers have also developed formulations to account for another major influencing factor on projects: the weather. Exterior painting contractors take into account the weather conditions surrounding the project when deciding which products to use. It even has an impact on the types of applications and methods they can employ. For surface protection in climates with high levels of UV rays, elastomeric-based or 100 percent acrylic paints are frequently used.Do you want to learn more? Visit Depend Exteriors

To combat water-borne cracks during windy and rainy weather, thicker-film elastomeric is used. Surface chalking and premature peeling can occur at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit can have a significant impact on surface preparation, application, and curing. This is something that exterior painting contractors must keep in mind while working on the project. Freezing and thawing cycles, on the other hand, necessitate flexible primers and topcoats that can withstand the temperature changes. Environmental laws at the federal, state, and local levels have influenced the design and manufacture of exterior coatings. Paints with low-VOC formulations have been made available. This is intended to reduce the environmental harm caused by VOC-emitting regular paints. At the national level, painting contractors and paint manufacturers must adhere to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) VOC-level standards. The Ozone Transport Commission (EPA) Model Rule is in effect in the north east and mid-Atlantic states. VOC compliance in the construction industry is also closely monitored by state-based air quality programs. New formulations of exterior coating products for architectural, commercial, and industrial applications have resulted from compliance with these various environmental regulations and agencies.  When it comes to exterior painting projects, homeowners should look for the most cost-effective option. If this necessitates hiring a professional contractor to assist with the painting, they should do so. A contractor’s professionalism will prove to be a valuable asset to any job site in need of a professional edge in order to achieve the level of success that the homeowner desires.