Explained Wedding Reception Themes

When asked, most people would agree that either the birth of a child or their wedding day was the most unique day of their lives. To make your day even more special, below are some exclusive wedding reception ideas and themes. Our website provides info on Brighton Beach Accommodation

The start of a new and exciting part of your life is your wedding. It is the beginning of an epic journey of passion, happiness, and sharing that you and your beloved partner have set out on. This is the unforgettable day when you two become one. You will definitely want this day to be as beautiful, special, and enchanting as possible. One of the first things you can do to achieve that goal is choose a theme for your wedding.

Why are wedding reception themes essential?

It is crucial and important to choose a theme for your wedding reception because it precedes the preparation for any further wedding planning, decorating, and design. You can then start selecting the bridal and groom dresses, guest invites, food, decorations, wedding cake, and any other tiny detail, until you settle on a reception theme. For an unforgettable and distinctive day, here are some tempting wedding themes.

Wedding Themes for Reception

Black Theme: The all-black theme is really classy, a favourite look of many. With Hollywood superstars, it is generally favoured and it gives the whole event a glamorous, gleaming look. In reality, with the style of the black tuxedo and the popular little black dress, nothing could be better.

White Theme: A white color reflects cleanliness and innocence, so on their wedding day, it is usually a common choice for many. An all-white styled reception also looks simple and elegant, and the event adds considerable charm.

A Formal Theme: A very traditional type of reception, a formal theme gives a conventional touch to the day. If you are someone who is not necessarily sophisticated or who does not want to stray from the norm, then this is a safe alternative.

Hollywood Theme: Are you fans of the movie and your fiance? If so, then the style of Hollywood could be right for the two of you. As your preferred star, you might get in character and dress and ask the invited guests to do the same. Who knows, maybe you’re a friend of the family who knows a real celebrity that might make an appearance!

Go Traditional: The formal theme is not the same as traditional styles. Your family, lifestyle and nationality are more associated with a conventional theme. For instance, if you are a German native and your mate is a genuine Texan, you might have a style that represents both locations’ unique traditions and customs.

Beach Styled Theme: Consider making a seaside theme if you want to be revolutionary. Beach front wedding styles are becoming more and more popular rapidly and they are also known to be incredible fun. You can have a bit of a tropical island flare to ensure it is even more fun and interesting.

The Musical Theme: Famous lovers of music? You could choose a melodious wedding and an attractive reception with music. Create a CD of you and your lover’s most favorite songs along with the traditional wedding music and have the music played in the background after the ceremony. When you have your first dance as a married couple, have the party or DJ play your bride or groom’s preferred ballad.

The Flower Theme: You can either consider this in itself as an individual style, or you can combine it with some of the styles listed previously. Each bloom means a specific quality or a specific element of behavior. Think of which ones both of you will represent together and then select the right flowers accordingly.