Don’t Give Up Your Sex Lives When You Have Kids-Tips

A drastic drop in your sex life is one of the most common side effects of raising a new baby. I’m not going to tell you anything new because I’m sure you already know! There’s always hope, but you’ll have to wait!

Here are a few of the more common issues you’ll face:

– I’m exhausted. For the feeding schedule you deal with, the little or loud crying that wakes you up, sleep, or the lack thereof, is completely different. check it out

– I’m exhausted. It takes a lot of effort to breastfeed a child. Her body is actively producing milk. The hours spent feeding are many, and although fun, they are often exhausting.

– I’m exhausted. Being on, going to work, and then coming back to it saps energy in “bucket fulls.”

– Her whole body. Many women are unsure about how to proceed “Will my partner always be attracted to my physique? Will I still be attractive?”

A woman’s mind isn’t always easy on her, particularly after having delivered a baby and becoming a home and life source for nine months.

So, as the partner who got off lightly, take it easy on her. She is deserving of all the love and attention you can offer her for giving life. And who cares if it takes a while to lose any of the weight or if her stomach doesn’t stretch back to its previous size? Take a look around to see what other women and men have in front of them; they all want to be sexy!

Changes happen, and the majority of them will continue to happen, so both of you can concentrate on the person you love rather than the body you used to have.

And understand that getting all of these thoughts (both for him and for her) is perfectly natural, but that you don’t have to dwell on them; simply let them pass.

– Pay close attention

The focus shifts to the pregnant woman long before the baby is born. Partners are sidekicks, and they have no sympathy for the fact that they are still undergoing transition!
When the baby is born, the mother and the baby are the focus of everyone’s attention.

They are seen by everyone, except the other partner! And this can irritate people. A sex life slump can become the focal point of debates, but it is frequently a symptom of something else.
So, new mom, no matter how much you’ve done and how drained you are, remember to smile at your husband and be grateful as well.

Your mood swings, diet requirements, and soaking up all of the focus over the past 9 months to a year can be exhausting for your partner.

There are numerous other factors that can influence your sexual life.

My key recommendation is to snuggle up and chat about it.

Both of you have emotions, perceptions, wishes, and pains.
Snuggle up more and enjoy each other without any expectations or frustrations.
The more you concentrate on your love and your new joint parenting as a blessing you both have, the more happy you will be.
And, with that feeling of love as the heart, the foundation, you’ll be able to rekindle your sex life as well.