Basement Renovation – Things to Consider

If you’re thinking of finishing a basement and haven’t done so before, there are a few things you should know about costs before you start so you don’t make any costly mistakes. A basement renovation is not the same as constructing a home from the ground up, where the costs are predictable. Here is the official site.

Keep in mind that you’re working with an existing system that might have defects, holes, leaks, slanting walls, leaning floors, and other expensive issues to fix or correct.

Architect Fees for Basement Remodeling

Don’t forget to factor in the architect’s fees. In several countries, an authorised architectural plan is needed to obtain a building permit or to begin some type of basement remodelling. The plan could set you back up to $1,500.

Basement Renovation Structural Engineer

The next thing to consider is whether any foundations or walls that are part of the house’s structural support would need to be removed. If you plan to remove necessary basement walls or supports, you’ll need a structural engineer to re-engineer the support structure so that your home doesn’t collapse into a heap of rubble. This is also important because no reputable basement remodelling company or contractor can demolish walls or remove basement pillars unless he is certain they will not impact the house’s overall stability.

The contractor may also need engineering advice on how to remove a non-structural wall or support that may impact a structural wall. An engineer can also include information on the minimum size of beams and how to integrate a new structure system, allowing the contractor to follow the architect’s blueprints.